ImmunoDermatology Day

  • 2025
  • |
  • Saturday, 11th January
  • |
  • Live event
  • |
  • Porto, Centro Congressos Alfândega do Porto
  • |
  • 2025
  • |
  • Saturday, 11th January
  • |
  • Live event
  • |
  • Porto, Centro Congressos Alfândega do Porto
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Dear colleagues and friends,

Several months have now passed since the 1st Edition of the “Immunodermatology Day”, a high-level scientific event attended by more than 200 delegates and colleagues from across the country to discuss the updates in immune-mediated pathology.

As we now enter the final months of 2023, we are pleased to invite you to the 2nd Edition of the “Immunodermatology Day” which will be held on January 13th, 2024.

For this 2th Edition, the scientific programme has been extensively renewed and expanded to cover the most important topics where Dermatology intersects Immunology.

Hot topics, such as the new Janus Kinase inhibitors drug class and the novel breakthroughs in Chronic Prurigo and itch management, will be under the spotlight with dedicated sessions. An exciting session dedicated to Immuno-Oncology was also added, where Medical Oncologists and Dermatologists will share insights into how immune-based therapies are shaping the skin cancer therapeutic landscape. Finally, frequently encountered immune-mediated disorders such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, immune-based alopecias and hidradenitis suppurativa will be present in a new, reinvigorated “real-world data and challenging cases” interactive format.

Once again, we invite you to this early-on educational event in our Dermatology calendar and engage in-person with colleagues and experts coming from Europe and beyond. We look forward to meet you and share knowledge about the enthusiastic field of Immuno-Dermatology!

The Scientific Committee,
Tiago Torres, Margarida Goncalo, Bruno Duarte

Scientific Programme (TBC)


  • Only posters in PDF format will be accepted for review
  • Only printed posters will be accepted to the exhibition. E-posters will not be available or displayed
  • All posters should be designed in vertical orientation (“portrait” layout)
  • The dimensions of the poster should be 90 cm wide x 120 cm high (A0 portrait)
  • The text, illustrations, etc. should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters
  • Commercial names, registered trademarks and pharmaceutical company logos will not be allowed within the e-Poster. Drug names should be replaced by its active ingredient
  • Photographs should at all times protect the privacy and identity of the subject
  • Research studies
  • Case series (four or more patients)
  • Case reports or cases series with less than 3 patients will only be accepted in case of exceptional relevance to the Immuno-Dermatology field (subjected to review and acceptance by the Scientific Committee)
  • Introduction:
  • Objectives:
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results:
  • Conclusions
  • Background
  • Observations
  • Key message

Note: The posters cannot be identical or similar in content to previously presented posters at any Portuguese or international scientific events.  A significant update to a prior study is acceptable. Non-compliant posters will be excluded.

  • There will be award prizes for the first to third Best Posters:
      • The best poster will receive 750€ (seven hundred and fifty euros)
      • The second-best poster 500€ (five hundred euros)
      • The third best poster 250€ (two hundred and fifty euros)
  • The Scientific Committee will be responsible for the review and selection of the best posters.
  • The authors of the three best posters will be invited by email to present their research in a 6-minute communication, followed by a 3-minute discussion during the Poster Awards Session.
  • The Jury will announce the best poster (of the top three) in the end of the session
  • The prizes will be given at the end of the Poster Awards Session.
  • The Committees’ decision is final and cannot be appealed
  • Posters will be evaluated according to, but not limited to, their content, innovation, relevancy and design.
  • If the authors decline to present the nominee poster on the Poster Awards Session, the nominee poster will be excluded from the award
  • As part of the submission, the authors grant the Scientific Committee the non-exclusive right to present, reproduce, distribute, display and store the poster in all forms (including on the “A Day with Immuno-Dermatology” website), formats and media, including print, electronic and digital forms.
  • All posters should be sent in pdf. format to before the submission deadline below
  • The authors will print their posters and hung them up on the design poster exhibition area, no later than 10 minutes before the beginning of the scientific meeting

Poster Submission Opening: 30th November 2023

Poster Submission Deadline: 19th December 2023

Poster Evaluation Deadline: By 7th January 2024, the three best posters will be announced and invited by email to present their research on the Scientific Meeting




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